There is no false hope.

Finishing up a series on grandparent health, I’m re-running one episode from my last, only other, such series. It applies equally to younger people. There is no such thing as false hope. Anyone who tells you that has some interest in you giving up hope… either because then they will feel better given the poor choices they have made…. or they will profit from your resignation. There is a lot of this.

Science tells us that if you have an optimistic outlook, but fail to achieve or receive what was hoped for, that your brain automatically goes into hyper-drive to figure out what to do. This is exactly what we want.

Jesus told us “have faith in God” and we know that hope is the foundation of that faith. We can’t lose hope.

So encourage your kids to go after everything they desire — in a good way. And encourage yourself and your older friends to hope for a better outcome and figure out how to get there. Normally the answer is right there. Even if not, the struggle for better is meritorious. Someone else may benefit. Aren’t you glad that Abraham Lincoln kept pursuing office? That Thomas Edison kept pursuing scientific discovery? That so many kept pursuing a better life, culture, economy that you benefit from?

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