Legacy Shalom

This is gift buying season for most people. Please let me suggest the idea of thinking bigger. Not just getting a bigger bike! No! Think not about spending more money or making a bigger splash for a moment. That fades very quickly. Sometimes it can be counter-productive even. Making your children happy? Is that the point of good parenting?

Well, of course, we would prefer happy children. The way to make children happy in the long run is not buying trinkets, for sure. I know most of you know that. The way to make people happy for the long run is to give them skills so they can have a happy life. That is what shalom, well-being is all about.

More than that, however, is what you are leaving IN your children. What you leave to your children by way of inheritance is of course important. Any rich parent would be more interested in what was saved for college and for long-term investments than buying baubles and trinkets.

Sons of God think bigger than inheritance and real estate, although by all means let’s have them. What are we leaving IN our children, rather than merely TO our children? Will they be leaders of society? Who take a mountain? Who lead a “city” in the right direction? Who will be given even much more for the work they did on earth?

Think about it. That is great shalom.

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