Testimony of Salvation of a Young Person – from Drugs to Intimacy with Jesus

Shelby gave her testimony back in 2009, at about this time of year. I remembered it and so thought I would share it again.

It is important to think about young people. How is it that they are so overlooked?

I just heard (electronically) Kevin Zadai say that whatever you do to or for a child gets reported in heaven. Remember the verse that says that their angels always behold the face of the Father? Children have a direct line. Yet some terrible things happen to children. They wonder about this. We wonder about it when we are adults. The answer is that accounts will be settled in Heaven.

This is something we often forget: accounts are settled in heaven. Our society has been so thoroughly influenced by unbelief! However, such a position is not rational! For instance, Immanuel Kant argued compellingly for the necessity of a God who is the guarantor of justice. Charles Hartshorne and colleagues have argued compellingly for the logical necessity of the immortality of the human soul. So how is it that we swallow a completely irrational claim that any mortal human can KNOW that the supernatural or the after life does not exist — in face of both evidence and contrary logic? More than we know is spiritual warfare.

So by all means, let’s “war” on the side of the angels. Let’s consider our children. Then, after that, once we have graduated from having children in our home, let’s consider what we can do for children in general.
A small bit of charity would be nice. (BTW, I heard that Annabelle Wallnau, upon being faced with a single mom whose 7 year old had never slept in a bed, has established some outreach for single mothers. YEAH!) Some consideration how to do this wisely would help. (Government programs have increased the number and percentage of poor children and often insure generational poverty.) This means that we must LOVE the TRUTH — and thus work hard to seek it out (as opposed to be lead around and weaponized for causes that are really masks for pecuniary interests that hurt children. (Witness, for instance, the deception that the call for safety testing for vaccines by world-class researchers in face of overwhelming evidence of problems is really just low information people hurting society. Think, please just who it was that pickrf up a claim on social media and started harming others.)

“Low information” and other accusations often have a mirror nature. Notice the stories of Elijah, Ahab and Jezebel I Kings 18- II Kings 10 or so). Notice Naboth was falsely accused of once doing exactly what the source did all of the time. Notice that in this regime of inappropriate authority, there was also inappropriately mixed worship and inappropriate customs, such as self-cutting.

This podcast attempts to encourage parents and educators to have faith for the success of their children, particularly around learning disabilities. However, everything is connected to everything. Policy and prayer are even connected. Let’s consider the children and young people.

PS Tesimony is not intended to promote any particular church or ministry or Bible College. Ring’s experience was more than 10 years ago. Just promoting Jesus and faith and the cause of children/youth.

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