How I teach Reading: Real Help to Kids Having Trouble

I was asked to say something about how homeschooling moms can help children who are having trouble reading. This is my method. This is how I taught reading to my grandsons. One of them was being put back in Kindergarten for the 3rd time, during the October of his first grade year. My daughter appealed to me since she was getting nowhere with the school system. He learned in 4 hours! We worked with him in other ways and he excelled. Then, I used the same method on the second grandson who had different problems and then compounded with a serious brain injury from a car accident. He went on to a private Elementary with no one ever knowing he had had a problem. He was on the honor roll for the next two years.

Don’t let bad method be the reason that your child learns that he is stupid or that she is “learning disabled.” Of course, some problems may need some help by skilled professionals, but teaching reading in a sensible, organized, multi-sensory way is a reasonable place to start.

Here is how.

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