How Faith for Healing Applies to Learning Problems

For some time now, we’ve been talking about great ideas that are solutions for some people and their learning problems. Last week, we went back to our roots, back to the Bible, in Isaiah 53, where we see that healing is promised to us in the atonement. Just as God promises forgiveness and spiritual cleansing, God also promises healing. In both, we need to apprend the promise by faith and walk it out, so that in the end it is manifested. What good is it if you get saved, and never walk holy? Similarly, what good is it if you believe for healing and stay hampered by sickness. Okay, both can still be good, I understand, but that is just the starting point.

So this week we go to Isaiah 54, and see how the promise then extends to our children’s overall well being.

I hope it encourages you to hope again, believe again, try again. It might also explain why we have taken faith healing and learning advances together.

Best blessings.

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