Amazing News About Free Healing For Everyone and Everything

We have done a lot of episodes about how to address particular problems around children’s learning, but we are primarily a healing ministry. From the beginning we have proclaimed that God, no less than GOD, wants total well-being for all children, each child. Yes. Now. Since there are problems, how do we deal with them? First, we are grounded in the good news that God cares about us and our children more than even we do. Okay. So then, given a fallen, broken world, and this good news, what then?

First, let’s take God’s help. The Bible, as I read it, says that God created the world good and gave the care of it over to humans who promptly “blew it.” Then Jesus came to make things right by his sacrifice. We must take this by faith, or in other words rely on it. And then we walk out through good deeds, following Jesus’ example. This will bring good results now, increasing results, and in the end, with some more help from the Lord, perfect results.

So, we are here, in this time line, in the first accept the good news, and then walk it out portion. I think it is worthwhile to start with the faith message, because without faith, one will not reach out for a solution. Nevertheless, real-life practical solutions are helpful. So we have guests or I share what knowledge I have. Still TRUTH trumps knowledge, yes? But what kind of truth would it be, if it didn’t connect with some knowledge? That is the idea behind the broadcast.

Today we start on a mini-series, going over the faith/healing message. We will go through the best chapter on healing I know, Isaiah 53, and then next into Isaiah 54, where our foundational verse comes from: All your offspring shall have great shalom, great well-being. It is a promise. Let’s lay hold of it.

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