God’s Advice for Teachers in Dangerous Times

I decided to go ahead and finish this, in series, since we had part one last time. Teachers, if you are too busy or tired right now, please save this for your break, later? Okay?
Sorry for not being synced properly with the school year. We just had some difficulty there for about 3 weeks.
Thanksgiving is coming up. Please relay the power of Thanksgiving to your children. Tell the true story about the first Thanksgiving. There were really Pilgrims, Christians who were seeking religious freedom, who really did celebrate a Thanksgiving with Native Americans. Do not let your children hear only the dark side. Sure, the two people groups also fought. But it is not like the Europeans set out to be genocidists — and this is exactly what is being taught. Of course, one has to throw all real history away to do that, but the aim is to discredit Jesus. So be ware!
Moreover, do not forget that “Eucharist” the Greek word that some people use instead of “the Lord’s Supper” or “Communion” means Thanksgiving. Please go to church and participate in the Lord’s Supper this holiday season. Talk with your children about the power of Communion and the power of thanksgiving.
And leave a legacy in your children!

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