Frontline Doctors Argue in Court that the Vax Authorization is Illegal

Epoch Times reports nonprofit suing US federal government for improper authorization and distribution of v*x.

Frontline Doctors, a physician nonprofit is suing Health and Human Services arguing that 1) the conditions for emergency use authorization have not been met and that 2) the vaccine does not prevent, treat, or cure any disease, so therefore it is illegal to permit its distribution.

Death numbers, even given the inflation of death and cases, do not indicate an emergency situation, but something only equivalent to the seasonal flu. This is undoubtedly so, based on real statistics, even if your news media has you scared into thinking otherwise.

The vax is not an immunization. it is dangerous gene therapy — so dangerous that animal trails were halted.

There are good, safe treatments available for the corona virus manufactured to be coivd-19. Even if use of these and knowledge of these was suppressed.

Suit asks for halt to distribution to anyone under 18, recovered from covid-19, and anyone not fully informed of dangers.

Doesn’t that include just about everyone? If case rates were high, then the recovery rate was high and we already have herd immunity. No one, virtually, has been properly informed. Quite the contrary.

We, the population need to start thinking. And so, why are we even talking about the Delta variant, since we know from Farr’s law that it must necessarily be weaker than the original? And that wasn’t very deadly, especially when properly treatment was available? And why is obvious fact — like math — suppressed then and even more now? Any elementary school child can divide deaths by population and get a number that is less than 1/1000th and know that is low. No pandemic. But, yes, for sure, a bio-weapon.

Why such protection and promotion and profiteering permitted by creators and funders? Why is there not a criminal case against the makers? The funders? The colluders?

I don’t know. Thanks to Epoch Time for their courageous reporting. /we here, just want the best for everyone. We just pray that judgement be once again founded on rigtheousness, that the truth not be suppressed, that repentance be granted, and shalom be upon all our children.

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