CDC Admits Vaccines Failure, Vaxxed are Super-Spreaders

Epoch Times reports: Via the words of the CDC’s own director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, vaccines are now failing, and vaccinated people may now carry higher viral loads than unvaccinated people, contributing to the spread of covid.

The vaccine hoax is now collapsing as vaccinated people are now catching the “delta” variant and spreading it to other vaccinated people. Even worse, the vaxxed are the “super-breeders” who are incubating yet more dangerous vaccine-immune covid mutations.

Thus, people who signed up to be vaccinated not only got played by the CDC, they are now the super-spreaders and super-breeders who are worsening the entire pandemic.

Brighteon reports : podcast

CNN reports, but sounds very different touting CDC new discovery and renewal of mask mandate.
BTW, a quick search engine search “CNN vaccine cdc today” pulls up articles from june claiming the vaccine is safe and effective — from CNN. I don’t think the CDC, the FDA or any scientific source has ever claimed that. That TODAY such a search comes up with that before today’s news…. strange, obvious, but you decide the motive.

Israel reported to be giving a third shot as a booster soon to the elderly.


Note: by October 20 those with sophisticated visual capabilities shows fast paced headlines, Fauci repeatedly saying vax have 94, no 96, no 100% effectiveness. Then headlines numbers go down… to 20%. Note: any time a booster is suggested, it is an admission that the previous one has failed. October 25, 2021 shows several scandals exposing the lies of Fauci.

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