Things to Do in the Summer with Children

July is already ending. Some of us are realizing that we haven’t done what we wanted to do with the kids this summer. Others are running out of ideas. LOL Anyway, the episodes that I share about activities are always popular, so I’ll include one or two now.

Just having fun is of real value for children who are drilled mercilessly on their weaknesses during school-time. Use the summer as fun time, and some of that fun can be very educative. Further their strengths. Do something multi-sensory and non-school-like that strengthens the deficits. Rythmn. Ordering. Coordination. Just don’t make it like school. Learning and school are NOT synonymous.


There are some learning opportunities, however, outside of school, that I think we really need to focus on providing.
What I hear on the news media is maddening. Obviously, people have lost their reasoning powers. Or else, and more likely as the Bible says, some “are deceiving and being deceived.” It is evident that the accusations are projections, and the propaganda is an exact inversion of the truth. Please sign up for announcements and get our document “Twenty Questions to Ask Yourself to Tell What is True in All Circumstances.” We don’t share your info; we don’t sell your info; and we don’t send it out fast. (And I won’t send it out to any no-name strange email. It has to look real.)

Critical thinking exercises and even direct lessons on logic could be some summertime fun, too. Unless your child is privately educated, then he or she is almost certainly not getting logic lessons at school. My parents’ direct teaching on how to deconstruct advertising we very helpful. Obviously, most parents are teaching their children these things because lying advertising continues — because it makes money. Today, lessons in how to avoid distractions is even more important than in those days. When I was young the conversation was how horrible it was to advertise sugary boxed cereals during the Saturday morning children’s programming. So, I was never attracted or distracted by that sort of advertisement. I was, by contrast, impressed with the Olympic athletes on the Wheaties box. Hmm…. an implicit inference that Wheaties was more healthful than…. some other cereal. Are you having these conversations with your children?

Now, these sorts of inferences, along with outright lies are coming directly from what purports to be authoritative sources. Simple math. Basic statistics. Common sense would eradicate such fear mongering genocidal assault. Are you confused? Do you need help in how to teach your child? Let me know.

In the mean time, sign up for our Tribe or Pride. Get ready for the coming school year. Oh, sorry. No, enjoy your summer.

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