If You Care Anything about Children’s Safety, You MUST Learn About the Jab

I heard on a talk show last week, something that rended my heart. A mother came to a doctor with your young son who had a reaction to the covid jab. The doctor said he didn’t know. No one knew. It was experimental. And she was surprised. How could that happen? She was appalled. The report was that she became a conservative as a result.

Look, how can you be a mother and not research such a thing before you make your child be risked like this? Even regular vaccines, you wouldn’t research? And this?!? Look, if you are a mom, you can’t just throw away the life of your child. You are responsible to make the best decision possible. That means getting real info.

Here is a conversation. Dr. Andy Wakefield is a world-class researcher when he became really looking into it. World class because he was well published in research literature, with many co-authors, in a number of scientific periodicals in a variety of developed nation. A gastroentorologist. Best hospitals in the world. And he was willing to check out children’s health. We had him on in 2009, one of the best scoops we had. Very popular episode.

Now, it is not regular vaccine safety alone that has been requested. Even that was so fought against that they slandered him. He did prevail, but gave up his practise by the time he was vindicated. See what he says now.


Trunews.com 8/3/2021
“The countries that have the highest vaccintionation rates are having an explosion of the “Delta Variant.”
“Wait, how do you tell it is the Delta Variant…. if you can’t even test the difference between covid-19 and the flu?” (per anchor/pundits on Trunews.com)

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