Barbie and the Library

People are liking my “hot summer activities” — actually pretty cool and can do indoors. Let children in on the real in church — let them have their own experience with God — with guard rails, of course. Hear Becky Fischer talk about her program. With depth and realia.

By contrast, I am hearing that people dislike the new Barbie movie. Ben Shapiro said it was trash in a 45 minute review, and then did another episode comparing the backlash to that review to The Inquisition. Robert Barnes expects a class action suit, since the precedent has been set for false advertising. Promoted as a light-hearted child’s movie, it seems to be instead a very dark far-left anti-motherhood feminist diatribe. It starts with little girls smashing the heads of their baby dolls — and apparently gets worse from there.

Parents, check out a review. Think about what your children are doing and how that will influence, impact, change their lives.

I think it was Ben Carson who said his mother made he and his brother go to the library and write a book review every week. But gosh, I understand library content is now at issue. Here is a tip. Decide when your children can go into the adult section of the library. If you find adult books in the children’s section, take them to the Head Librarian, complaining, like you have never heard of any controversy. If you don’t get a good response, go to the City Council, who has oversight and budget responsibility. If you don’t get a good response there, then work in a challenger’s campaign. Back to the library, take a guided field trip, helping your children evaluate books, based on covers and titles. What kind of books are being added to the collection? How can they tell which are good, classic books and which are new, trashy books? How can they tell?  Finally, check what your children are checking out and reject any not worthy of your children.

Then, in addition to reading some historical books, and historical fiction, go to some historical places. Be ready with good questions for the docents. It can be amazing fun.

Stay cool.

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