Apologetics and Hot Revival

Ravi Zacharias is one of the ministries that most inspires me. Let me relate, very briefly, his report for this month:

As I travel…the downward slide is huge and sensitivities are at their peak…Yet, as we arrive to venues to speak the auditorium are full, often without not enough space for the occasion.

For instance, in Romania, a country that has had its fill of communism and autocracy, ten thousand people gathered to heat a reasoned explanation of the gospel. Same in Islamic countries.

Here there is media and academic hostility, even cultural hostility.

Please recognize both sides of this. We are closing our culture, our learning, our future down. Yet, it is opening up elsewhere. Perhaps your children. One what to do that is to study Apologetics, or how to have an answer for the faith in you. Ravi Zacharias runs a great college level program for that: The Institute for Apologetics and Contemporary Thought. You can start, however, with an easy book from your local Christian book store.

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