Be Good, Not Just Feel Good

“I know a Christian who lies.”

“No, you know a liar who says he is a Christian”  John Hagee

The greatest mission field in the world is the church in America, full of fraudulent Christianity.

It is time to stop thinking a religion that is about feeling good or looking good, but not being good is real Christianity.

What made the U.S. effort in World War II effective?  General Eisenhower said it was the average American who was willing to give his life so that others might be free.

This is the time for the Kingdom. Like David said, “Is there not a cause?”  We as the church are all dressed up, but not going to war. There is no point trying to ridicule me and my words and Christians suggesting that we are war mongers. You know very well I am not suggestion terrorism or even killing. I am suggesting that we stand up and be righteous, stand for rigtheousness, and do the right thing.

Mercy is about bringing people back to the path of rigtheousness, not about cheap grace that just pretends bad is good.

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