A Child Raises Someone From the Dead – Eye witness account

This is a rerun of our interview with Simon Okwayo in summer 2009. If you heard last week’s episode, you know what he is up to today! This says a lot about what children can do. This should dramatically increase your faith. Especially for your children.

Dr. Apostle Simon Okwayo, Healing Evangelistic Ministries Foundation, pastorokwayo@yahoo.com

Children were held to a much higher standard in the past. When people graduated from the 8th grade,they knew a lot. Then, they went to work or college. This was true in the Revolutionary War period. John Quincy Adams was given an Congressional appointment to be the interpreter for the ambassadorial mission to the court of Catherine the Great at 14 years old. Why? Because he had mastered several languages and already had experience of being the secretary to his father as an ambassador to France during the war for Independence. Look forward to what young people are doing these days to prepare to serve their community and country.


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