Announcing A Grandmothers’ Prayer Campaign

Today I announce a grandmothers’ prayer campaign. Of course, anyone can join in. It is a prayer campaign for our children. So often summer was the time when young people got into trouble. Now…. well, maybe they are safer with the regular trouble than what they might get in school? So often summer vacation was the time that families looked forward to going to places like xyz. We can’t even think of that place anymore. Then, more recently, looked forward to sending their children back to school. Wow! I never did. School was hell for my daughter. Summer was a time to rest and to learn.

But now, there seems to be no break from the waves of horrible news. Well, let’s be a force back. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord raises a standard. That would be a standard like in the Roman army of the time. Tall flags led the men into battle. We have a spiritual battle. The grandmothers can lead in prayer. Thanks to the fathers who lead in politics and security. Thanks to the mothers who do double duty home-making, educating, and even being employed. So much for women’s liberation! LOL Thanks to the young people who are standing up for doing right and speaking the truth.

Everything is so bewildering, I know. It is hard for the common young person to distinguish between right and wrong. It is hard for the average public official to admit that he or she can tell. It hard for the older person even to believe what they hear. And the legacy news media…. well.

So, instead of on and on and on, let’s pray. It is announced. God will win. This is how we partner with God.  So, I am announcing a Grandmother’s prayer campaign. Maybe just for the summer. Certainly until we see results. Please pray with us.

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