What the Bible Says about Longevity – btw You Have Been Lied to

Today we hear what the Bible really says about longevity. Many people have been taught incorrectly. Let’s read the Bible, in context, and believe what it says. Nowhere does it say you have to live short, or that there is not short life/tragic death. Stop making up stories for irresponsibility. Stop believing stories and fitting in under someone else’s irresponsibility. it is just pitiful when Christians have less hope than secular people. Smart secular people take responsibility for living better and longer. Informed people know that science is working toward many amazing advances for longer life. How about perking up? Making your life better? So you can serve and make the world better? Here is proof. (How comes later)

The Word of God is always encouraging. Not always candy, but always encouraging. God has offered options for longer, stronger lives.

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