The Great Meat Debate: Meat or Veg?

We begin a series that while may be of hot interest to the grandparent generation, is still useful for the children. How should we understand the current debate between the “eat more meat and fat” contingent and the “go for only plant based foods”?
I will mention some of the leaders on both sides, sort out the discussion by the use of sound principles, and give some way forward. We can rejoice that science is advancing, we can be assured that we can do better, and we can be advised of the deceptive context in which we live.
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Do you see? the debate itself is caused by a context of deception. The result is either frustrating conflict on the one hand, or giving up as if one can do nothing on the others. Both are harmful. The right way, however, has been available to all of us, even before the latest scientific findings — which seem to conflict at this time. This busts the myth that a Biblical perspective contradicts science, or is unstable — or illogical.

So many lessons. Let’s be health, happy, and holy.

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