Resources for Brain Building, Brain Retaining Nutrition

In a series more aimed at the grandparent generation, but not entirely forgetting the children, I talk about basic knowledge. More by way of introduction and pointing you to resources, I let you in on some things that have worked for me.

I have seen so very many people suffer needlessly because the doctors they were trusting didn’t tell them, for whatever reason, basic inexpensive things that would help them. I’ve seen a grandparent suffer needlessly with horrible nightmare in the nursing home because there was resistance to giving her vitamins. I’ve seen retarded people kept from good nutrition. I’ve seen people in their prime accept senessence because they believe that “there is nothing that can be done.” At the same time I have repeatedly seen people claw their way back from brain injury to health, back from retirement to new career, and back from unhappiness to youthfulness simply based on easily obtained supplements. I’ve seen an old man come up to organic food vendors at a farmers market to correct them and tell them there is no difference between organic and conventionally grown food. Since we knew the farmer and had seen his farm, there was nothing to do but pity this man and the “info” he was so loudly, boldly asserting. I’ve seen a mother with a sick child say “nothing can be done” and having money, still serve meals like just soup for dinner. Just weeks ago, a former high level manager told me he thought supplements didn’t really do anything. Here I sit, surrounded with citations to peer reviewed journals. This is not 1980 when that research was done outside the country and so you had to know how to get the info. Now it is done in the country. Now I have decades of experience in my own family. Still, I get told this. At least he was only airing an opinion, and not correcting me. So I told him they had helped me alot.

Now, I know that if I get too detailed with things like dosage, or tell you what can be reversed or “cured” with a supplement, then the AMA or someone else would come after me. Especially might this be so if I put out that I was a minister and was talking about children. Or old people. They are so vulnerable… that we have to keep scientific fact away from them, right? Anyway, I haven’t don that. I am just letting you know about a couple of resources that I use. I think this will give you a pretty good start on your own research. Please do start that right away.Don’t wait until your brain is so far gone that you can’t read — like I just about couldn’t. Fortunately, my self-perception is that I can read, so I persisted. And over time, my brain came back– pretty much.

Let’s walk together in faith, in hope, and in sharing what we find. Love and blessings!

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