We are Christians and therefore friends of Jews

Today I am re-airing an interview with a man, David Rubin, who has started a therapy center for children who are victims of terrorism in Israel. He lives in Shiloh, the place where Eli and Samuel ministered at the historical Tabernacle, but what was bare ground before a few RVs came in to settle — in what is now called “The West Bank.” Mr. Rubin did this in response to he and his two year old being shot up while attempting to go to a dentist appointment.

My Jewish friends are uncomforatable and ask: all children? Yes, all children. He takes in any child who has been a victim, without regard to religion or ethnicity. Although… well, it just wouldn’t be politically correct to point out that snipers shooting kids comes from only one angle.

His two year old was shot through the throat. Every child in town at that time knew of a sibling or a friend who had been shot. It is hard to go to places like the dentist or doctor, out of town, for them, therefore. Mr. Rubin was the 1,000th person in the hospital and so was interviewed. He chose to use the random tragedy and platform for good.

Today I want to mention also, that someone took a look at my business card and informed me that because I used the word “Shalom” therefore I am not a Christian. Folks, this is ignorance gone to seed! First off, I use the word “shalom” because my foundational scripture is Isa 54:13 All your offspring shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be their shalom.” I could say “well-being” or “peace” in English, but that would not give the whole meaning. Shalom encompasses everything. 2) Christians use Hebrew scripture, btw, and we call it “The Old Testament.” Not everybody likes this, but everybody knows it. So it is reasonable for an educated Christian to know Hebrew and use a few Hebrew words. 3) All Christians should be friendly to Jews because Christianity came out of Hebrew roots. 4) There are some people who call themselves “Messianic” who are actually Judiazers. We have some of those in Austin. I know some. We had some in Galatia and other places where Paul writes. We are clear that Paul wrote Galatians and Corinthians and that the text is not corrupt. We know this. Just because I use the word Shalom does not mean I am a Judiazer. BTW, I am friendly with them, even if I disagree doctrinally.

So, if you don’t follow all of this, fine, don’t worry about it. If you do, then you understand. The Great Shalom Broadcast tries to be friendly to everybody, and respect a wide variety of Christian traditions, even Jewish traditions, although we do strongly preach faith and miraculous healing, along with intelligent health practices. It is my position that faith and intelligence can go together. Please come along with me on that.

In the meantime, I hope you appreciate Mr. Rubin’s work for children.

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