Those Who Have Had Covid are Much More Protected

Those who Have had covid are Much More Protected than those who have had the jab. The obvious must be stated, loudly, in an era where lies, obvious lies and impossibilities, are so promulgated so much and so loudly that half the population believes them.


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A human manufactured deadly virus circles the globe. After a campaign of fear mongering and fact suppression, there is another campaign of a deadly injection. No safety assurances. No credible claim that it is a preventative or curative measure. Evidence, if suppressed, that the rate of death from the injection may be as high as the rate of death from the original designer virus. Evidence that death from the virus after having had the injection continues — possibly at the same rate as without having had it. Evidence for not only immediate death, years of aches, auto-immune problems, but also fertility problems.

Yet, no admission in public that obviously and always, protection against re-occurrence is always stronger in those who have had a disease and recovered than from an immunization. Which this one is not– no authority claims that it is.

Wow! so many lies and deceptions, it is hard to get them all in one basket. One contradicts another. THINK! Protect yourself and your children.

Given this obvious fact, that exposure and recovery is stronger than any vaccine no matter how good….
Given that this “vaccine” is not good…..
Given that children when exposed seem unaffected…
Given that younger and even older healthy people recover easily…
That m ost people have to have a test to even see if they have it….
Then why in the world would anyone take or ask someone else to take a vaccine — even if it were good.
Young, healthy people, if they can recover, would want to be exposed.
They would not want a “treatment” that will likely harm them.
It makes no sense.

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