Explanation of Vaccines, Viruses, and Misapplication

Physician immunologist father testifies before a school board: We are doing things that are not helpful. We are not improving the covid-19 situation BECAUSE we are doing the wrong things.


He explains how a virus can not be eradicated like small pox might be. It is not possible. That is why it has never been done. He explains why: 1) virus remain asymptomaticly in animals all year. 2) The vaccines create and spread the virus. (BTW, the CDC admitted this last week.) 3) People are getting sick without contact to an infected person.

There is so much more. At least half the NIH staff won’t get vaccinated. The majority of doctors refuse the vaccine. THINK ABOUT IT. It is time to understand facts, science, and stop allowing yourself being lied to.

Please find upcoming teach-in. It is way past time.

And it is high time you ask yourself why elite and powerful people are continuing to tell you things that are clearly not true, counter=factual. Things that you should know are not right based on a current high school biology text. Things you know are not true based on a moment of quiet reflection and common sense. Also ask yourself why even in March and April 2020 there was this phrase repeated ad naseum :”new normal” and : “reset.”

We are not doing what is helpful. Authorities are pushing something dangerous if not deadly. Why?

Should you participate?

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