The Mission of the GSB Ministry

Did you know that I started this to help mothers with children who had learning problems (aka “Learning Disabilities”)? Of course, I want to stay rooted in faith — faith to find natural solutions as much as to receive supernatural miracles! Did I go too far in failing to say “learning disabilities” so that the search engines couldn’t help you find me?

Of course, everything is connect to everything in some way. Better nutrition for better brains is an interest of the grandparent generation maybe even more than it is of most moms. Of course, education reform is of interest maybe even more to educators than to moms of children with special needs. Maybe moms want more faith talk. Maybe some moms tolerate the faith talk to get new practical ideas.

Please tell me who you are and what you are interested in? Help me help you, yes? And engage so we can be a better tribe. Like Junia and I said, we are lionesses: we go get what our cubs need. We work together with other mothers in our family and in our community. Engage with us, okay? (BTW, there is a Facebook page, too. Post funny things there, if you like. Comment below, if you like. Email me or mail me. ) Just let us hear from you. Thanks! Sharon


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