Texas Government Ignores Law, Abuses Family

The news is out, just today, that the Tutt family case has a sad ending. 1) CPS worker illegally and without evidence targeted a home school family, and 2) a lower level judge again without evidence, removed children from their fit parents and 3) the state intentionally delayed beyond legal limits and 4) children were randomly removed and only some of them returned and 5) the adoption of one of 3 siblings being delayed so as to block it and 6) the Texas Supreme Court unaccountably took no action on this case that had already proven to be illegal and certainly beyond wild imagination.

We will continue to pray for the traumatized Tutt family in Dallas county. The THSC will seek prevention of future abuses at the state legislature. All of us are on notice that freedom comes with the price of vigilance. Be sure to vet all candidates, including judicial ones, when you vote.

This news comes amazingly on the very day I had planned to air the interview with Tim Lambert, a lawyer and a co-founder of the Texas Home School Coalition. God must be taking a special interest in this matter.

Please notice that March 9 and April the 3rd are THSC capitol days. This is a great day to show up at the capitol, and exercise your rights and have a great civics lesson. Notice also THSC convention in Arlington/Dallas May 11-13 and The Woodlands July 20-22.

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