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Eclipse – Meaning and Application

This was the week of the great eclipse. Probably you and friends enjoyed seeing it. Perhaps you have had a chance to enjoy the science around it. How about now considering possible spiritual import? Okay, balance, here. No unusual predictions. On the other hand, yes, some realistic talk about already dire situations. Important for parents, teachers, pastors and anyone who deals with youth.

Book: Learn at Home for Great Shalom
I was recently told that homeschoolers often wonder what to do when they experience a problem such as a reluctant reader. Curricula choices don’t solve the need for direction. This book does. It helps you be sure you are meeting all your students’ special needs.

How to Not Lose Your Faith in College, Rather, Loose It
So important, as you prepare your student for college that you also give him or her a faith that stands up to the onslaught of unbelieving professors. Most churches don’t. A bishop asked me to write this because he didn’t know what to say to his children. Here is help.

Next week, a great interview from someone who has offered a great line of books for children — that teach character. Be sure to tell everyone it is coming.