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Secret of Montessori’s Christian Roots Revealed

Many people know of the Montessori Method’s outstanding results in higher academics. For 125 years they have outperformed every other method of education, especially in the preschool and primary years. What has been suppressed, however, has been the Method’s Christian roots. Barbara Fidellow, co-founder with her husband Edward Fidellow, of the Christian Montessori Fellowship shows how Dr. Montessori began the method.

The Fidellows began their journey with the Montessori Method when, as evangelical Espiscopalians in Dallas, they started a school at the request of their church. Then, for many years, they ran a school in Dallas. During this time they founded the Christian Montessori Fellowship and Cross Mountain Press. Now they run a school in El Salvador and are founding a teachers’ college.

The Montessori Method has helped many children become great students and leaders in their field. Better education through the Method is now helping families who are working in a factory in El Salvador where the owners are sponsoring a school for their employees’ children. The teachers’ college will promote more development wherever these teachers, directors, and school owners live. The character taught be be an even greater foundation than the academic foundations.

Please hear and share what Barbara Fidellow has to say! Whether you are a mother looking to expand your service to your own children, a leader in your church looking for the best mission, or an educator looking for fresh but tested ideas, our short series on the Montessori Method will be sure to equip you.

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