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How to get into college – Dec. 11

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Mis-education in American universities??

Sounds far fetched, I know.
Today I was asked where “separation of church and state” came from. “Did that come from the Constitution?” I was asked.

I answered, “you know what the Bill of Rights says….”, and why, the historical context. I answered about Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists. Then I concluded. Then I went on to talk about to what extent the founding fathers were Deists. Then I realized that none of this had I been taught, but rather the reverse. Neither had the 40 year or the 20 year olds present.

What? could there have been a concerted, mass attempt to train people in something false? Of course, that couldn’t be. To say something like that you have to be some sort of crazy, wild-eyed subversive. Probably dangerous. But wait, isn’t that communist rhethoric: subversive? Or not, wait, was that a McCarthyism term? Oh, it is sounding confusing.

Take a look at this.


Don’t be decieved with man’s wisdom

Having said that Col 2 does not disallow college attendance, let us also admit that there is plenty of man’s wisdom with which to be decieved at college — and elsewhere. This is not a trivial matter. God’s word tells us specifically not to be deceived. How do we avoid it? Stay away from college by making such a rule? Smiling a lot and having real happy youth times? Pretending that there are no challenges to our faith? These seem to be the most chosen responses.

What the Word says, however, is that we should recognize Jesus, the Anointed One and His Anointing. We should realize that all the fullness of Deity lives in him. Therefore, there is all wisdom –even about this natural world — in Him. So just as we recieved Him (by faith), so we should continue in Him (by faith.) We should be rooted and built up. We should be strengthened in the faith we were taught. We should overflow with thanksgiving.

No — not overstuffed at Thanksgiving.

Specifically, making rules about staying away will not work. The youngster bound and determined will go to college will surmise that our faith is weak and we are afraid to meet the challenges to our faith. Let us instead, go farther into faith, into Jesus the Anointed One and His anointing. Let us follow him, humbly, into victory.

And where are we going, following Jesus, the Christ? Servant leadership. Servant leadership IS consonant with college — but not with everything taught there.

We might way, “separate the wheat from the chaff.” There it would be called critical thinking.