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What exercises do you recommend?

this week on the broadcast I talked about exercises that build better brains. What exercises do you recommend? If you are a homeschooler, what do you do for Phys. Ed.? If you are a preschool teacher, what are your favorite exercises? If you are a professional working with patients with learning or cognitive issues, what are your favorites? Will you share?

Off to Class

Well, I am off to class once again this morning. This early class stares at me and I sometimes think they need more coffee. Ha! Maybe they are just getting out of answering questions.
Anyway, it feels good to know that God goes with me. Holy Spirit is not somehow unable to get into a college classroom. Okay, so Bible, theology and doctrine is NOT what we are studying, but I feel loved and accompanied.

Religion might have taught that we are “on our own” if we “go out into the world.” It is true of course, if we turn toward the world in our heart, that we are stepping away from God. But when I go out in vocation, very much does God/Jesus/the anointing go with me.

Kingdom thinking then, is “Thy will be done”… here and now. First “IN earth” — in my heart. Then “on earth” God’s economy of sowing love and truth manifesting all around in human society.