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Include Children in Real Spirituality – with Safety — Here is How

Another repeat of a classic. Becky Fischer, Kids in Ministry, was with us in the early days when we were in the radio station studio. This summer, while you are inside, why don’t you get real with your children in terms of religion and spirituality.

We found that our children were being mis-educated in government schools, while we thought everything was fine. Did we also let our attention stray, thinking everything was fine in the children’s department at church? Nowadays when children are not in church with their parents as they were in my generation, it is doubly important that reality and real Bible is taught there. And it may not be!

Becky Fischer has a program that could be used for retreats or for Sunday School/children’s church curricula that strong informs the students of Bible content and is also very hands on/ experiential.

You also will want to implement training in character and Bible knowledge at home. It should be evident by now that 1 hour a week, even if it is not just fluff, will not be equal to the onslaught of demonic influence coming at children in school, media, libraries and everywhere else.

Becky Fischer’s Ideas for Children’s Ministry Will Inspire New Plans

April 23, 2016 Becky Fischer Moms, plan your summer now! Directors of Christian Education and Children’s Pastors will want to start planning next year, now after hearing this interview from 2009. Re-visions children’s ministry.

And next week, we will start a short series on healing, since I see I haven’t talked about that in a while. Please pray for me as I attempt to expand. We need a more professional podcast platform and that means a little money input. We have been many times asked to go to visual and of course that takes a little more money. Already time budget is over-full. Please pray for inspiration, protection, help, and provision. Thanks.