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Equip Kids with Answers to Faith Challenges

“Oh, well, that is what you believe.” Have you heard that with a patronizing dismissal? Do you understand that suggestion that your Biblical commitments are marginalized? That you should be ashamed? That they can be explained by….your socialization, lack of education or whatever? If you can’t answer this challenge, how will your child?

Have you ever worried if your child could stand up to an atheist professor? To a supposed role model? To a really bright, but challenging friend?

Have you ever wondered what was taught in and around the school? What values might be creeping in via media of all kinds?

Did you know that those under 18 are the least likely to say they are Christians? Did you know that pastors are often baffled why young people today sit in a stupified way, untouched by the gospel, until they realize the amount of porn sewage coming across the young person’s phone.

It doesn’t take porn. It doesn’t take active choices. Just the value system taught in public schools and colleges often challenge faith.

If your faith is farther from the Bible than your parents, think how much farther from the Bible is your kids.

What to do? I have the answers! Nine, in fact. Listen to my series of Nine + Answers to the most common challenges to the Christian faith in today’s world. I give you a short synopsis of the value set and an answer to it. All in short audio segments.

Be sure and purchase the entire set. For nine CDs, mailed to you, so you can keep and share, it is only $30.00. However, if you send my a check to Sharon Sarles / The Great Shalom P.O. Boc 971 Cedar Park Texas 79630 before October the 1st, I will slash the price in half. Only $15.00. And I will pay the shipping and handling. That is how vital I think it is to get this information out.

In some Christian schools, they do teach a class called Apologetics. I am sure some of these are really great. Personally, I feel that most apologetics classes in college are more academic and dealing more with questions asked over time, rather than the questions most posed today. Worse, most of the courses that I have actually seen have been limited to high school and are so watered down as to be useless. First, we have serious challenges in today’s culture, unlike any other. Second, children need these answers long before they are juniors in high school. Thirdly, they need to be couched in modern, personal terms rather than made to sound silly, boring, or course-like. So this 9+ part series is vital for any Christian home.

Even the adults, faced with the same challenges will want to hear this series. This month, half price.

But that is not all. There are bonuses.
First, a CD discussing the importance of Sunday School/Children’s Church and how to evaluate program in which to place your child.
Then, there is a prayer CD, where I lead mothers, grandmothers, whoever, in prayer for their children and the children of this nation.
And THRID, is a tenth CD discussing yet another answer.

It is a deal. Send $15.00 today to P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78630, being sure to let me know your address!

Imagine how good you will feel when that slick, smart sounding bully doesn’t close down your kid. With these 19, no 10, answers, you and your children will have an answer for the hope that is within you.

Be sure to share this offer with others. Let them know. This is vital information for right now. Have an answer for the hope that is within you.

Recommended book:

    How to Not Lose Your Faith in College

by Sharon Sarles, available about on www.lulu.com