Lying… What God Says: Don’t Lie

Concluding our series on how to tell what is true, I felt to open up Bible wisdom about lying. God mentions it. God says not to lie, generally…. and there are bad consequences for those who do. Lying is so very well accepted in our culture, that any remonstrance is met with questions about exceptions, even from seemingly good people. So then, it becomes accepted in business, and then in church, and…. as we have seen… to an appalling extent in media and government.

Let’s see what God says. This will help us sort out what is true and what is false. And the point is: Don’t Lie.

Then, let’s apply God’s wisdom to our own lives. It really matters.

Oh…. I don’t think you heard this very clearly. Let me underline by telling you something esle: Do you know why Gandhi was so sure that no one or no thing would hurt him? Because he was nonviolent. My guess is that he based this understanding on a verse from Pantanjali… but there is truth in it. Call it sowing and reaping, if you will. Your own adherence to truth will help you identify to avoid falsehood coming at you.

As well as later judgment for being on the wrong side of the flow. You see,you get caught up in the flow, the river you stand in. Then you end up where that river takes you: the mystery of iniquity going to destruction or the mystery of righteousness going to glory.

So, don’t lie, and you can better see the truth. Don’t lie, and you can better detect when others are lying to you. Don’t lie, don’t deceive others, and you will less likely be deceived.Yes, I know that we have an experience of maturing where we have to grow out of naivete, but real spiritual maturity is called “second naivete” by theologians. Don’t lie.

Lance Wallnau recently on on 2 Timothy 3: Podcast 737

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