More Shots Cause More Death


This was planned genocide. Government data, from the CDC show that more people have died from the “vax” than from covid. There have been reports of planning by the governments and players you know. More shots correlate with more deaths — any way you slice it. More in a country = more covid deaths. More in a person = more likely to die.

Are you buying groceries from a company that takes ad money from Pz… German name drug company… that made a lot of money from these “vaxes”?  Do you ignore the announcements and advertisements inducing you to get a covid jab… at this late date? Do you buy medications from a company that promotes these jabs? Do you vote for a politician that oversaw a city health department or state health department that urged you … or poor people — to get these death shots?

Are you supporting social media or legacy media that suppressed this news? That suppresses or ban people who pass along this news?

THINK    If you do… are you colluding with your own oppression? That of your loved ones? I know it is hard to think thru things. I know it is even harder to admit you are wrong. Or might be. Think. Do no harm.

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