How to Be a Good Mother

Introduction of how to be a good mother, why we are in such a big problem, how to move forward, how to truly/really change the world, but only if you have enough courage to gather evidence, compare it with an open mind, and admit your conclusions. The answer is rooted in love, but real love is altruistic and wise. Real love will prepare children to be successful adults. So the way to be a good mother is to love your children enough to prepare them to be successful adults. Yes, but that is difficult. Where does one start? What is the most important thing to do, from which the rest flows? Next time, that answer.

Because a listener might want all of this together, instead of isolated bits, scattered in the podcast with other topics, it will be available all together (when completed) IF the listener will email me with his/her name and email address and request. Please feel free to add any information about who you are and what your interests are.

Please also feel free to comment below. Thanks, Sharon

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