How About Preventing Viral Infections by Good Hygiene?

Today, in the news, is a question about a nasal spray used to prevent and treat URI/upper respitory infections… including that one that we are not supposed to talk about, that we are supposed to be okay with mandatory, life-threatening, can’t buy or sell tyranny.

My fat leftist European friends told me it was terrible, racist of the administration to close off flights from China; we should just wait for the vaccination.

They were told to stay indoors, but later discovered that Vitamin D, free from sunshine, was helpful in preventing and curing the plague. European psychologists complained about the damage to kids psyche after 2 months of shutdown.

We were told to wear masks, then maybe 2 or 3, and that masks made people feel better. Those who had taken biology… well maybe in college? …. knew that viruses are much too small to be strained out by masks. Bacteria and mold, however, can grow in masks.

We were told to use goppy hand sanitizer which leaves germy residue behind. Of course, washing hands has always been a good idea. So, what about washing out that nose?

A friend of mine was swabbing coconut oil on her nostrils before going out doing her duties. A you tube video suggested spraying nostrils and throat with a hydrogen peroxide spray.

Today, Epoch Times reports that a congresswoman asks why the Federal government didn’t promote nasal spray as both prevent and cure, since that plague was caught thru the nose.

Why do you think?  Was it as simple as follow the money? Or worse?

Anyway, as  a mom, it is an idea you might want to investigate.

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