Summarize the Science to Now

What does “science” say about covid-19 and the “jab” at this point?

Well, science is defined as what is published in peer review journal.    See if this guy doesn’t have that! Often these periodicals are published at prestigious university. See the Barrington statement was a partnership of Stanford, Harvard and Oxford.

Beyond that, one  must look at the study, which ethically must relate who the study was done, to see if the study was done well, fairly, not biased, etc. If it is not done well, it is said “the study was flawed.” Beyond that, science is always open — open to the next experiment that we hope will teach us something new.  This is how science works.

Here is what we know now. Not potlitics. Not greed. Not narrative. Not hysteria. Well, maybe some concern. 1) How did we get here? 2) What will the future be, given the present?


Oh? The headline: Stop Vaccinating Now. The jabs have limited good effect. The future is concerning because the new alterations of genes will not be genetically diverse. Surely, we have heard everything?

To recap: Since the vaccinated are prey to Omicron more than anyone else. The vaccinated could be set up for the next wave. However, like GSB said, Omicron has been effective in immunizing against Delta. Fifty studies show ivermectin as a useful treatment; the one outlyer, JAMA, is a flawed study.

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