Help for Special Needs Students Who are Homeschooled

You may remember the interview that Mr. Lambert gave us about the legal situation for homeschoolers in Texas. The Texas Homeschool Coalition that he and his wife founded does more than merely represent homeschooling families legally. They also have many other supports.

This article examines the plight of families with special needs children. Often these children must be home educated precisely because their families feel that the public school does not offer appropriate education. However, they are at greater risk of being targeted by state authorities. The parents, themselves, may need greater support because of the tremendous difficulty of rearing and educating their children. Yet, in order to keep them safe and to offer the best hope of getting an appropriate education, they often must isolate themselves. A homeschooling support group is the answer. Hear how others have triumphed.

The Great Shalom salutes all such parents who go out of their way to see that their children get what they need. Pollution, broken homes, poverty, and a failing school system make the burdens not only worse, but much more common. We salute the brave parents who do what it takes to see their children successful. It is this sort of parent that the Great Shalom was formed to support, encourage, and equip.

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