Health and Faith Freedom Further Curtailed – Time for Action

There is a push to reduce the possibility of faith and philosophy exemptions to vaccinations, now when there is clear evidence that we have a multitude of vaccine injured children. My reading of this is that either the corporations are pushing for their last ounce of profit — or worse — someone wants to kill even more children.

Here you see people pushing to restrict the last bit of personal health and faith freedom left. Imagine if you have one of the 1 in 55 boys who has been grossly, lifetime injured by a vaccine, and now your state demands you submit the rest of your children to this same treatment, while the government is colluding with industry to block safety testing.

I was fortunate enough to have a leading, world-class researcher, Andy Wakefield, MD discuss the issue with me back in January 2009. Since then, the statistics he is talking about are no longer secret, contrary to best efforts of the CDC. Here is the audio:

Interview with Andy Wakefield Jan 2009 in Austin Texas

Please be an active citizen and let your legislators know that you stand for freedom of religion, and freedom to make one’s own health decisions, and against the state taking away the right and duty of parents to protect their own children and against government intrusive dictatorship into all aspects of our life. There are legitimate roles for government; protecting us FROM bad medicine might be one, but forcing it on us is unAmerican and unChristian and unimaginable.

Please register your opinion in order to inform elected officials and let others know.

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