Vaccines and Faith

Having heard of legislation going appallingly the wrong way, in order to hurt yet more children for yet more profit, it is sadly time to review our broadcasts about vaccines and immunizations.

First, world class researcher weighs in:
Andy Wakefield Long respected as a world-class researcher, Andy Wakefield, in the height of the persecution on him speaks in measured way about the need for safety testing on vaccines and why.

Please continue to pray for him. He has been persecuted maliciously and viciously. Because he was a researcher! And called for safety testing. Notice how measured and careful he is. This highlights the evil of the other side. They have silenced him, and they try to silence me, but the Truth will out.

Also, we had Dr. John Ensign giving tips for parents:
Dr. Ensign How to keep your children safe from flu and from vaccines

And I have opened up the Word of God on the issue faith and health:
Take your Word “Flu shot” Build up your immunity based on The Word

Dr. Don Colbert has also weighed in on the issue, although somewhat after he granted us an interview.

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