Healing of Learning Disabilities – May

These are rebroadcast from the beginning of our broadcast ministry. The testimonies were the first topics when we went on the air and we ran them first on every channel we ever went on. The other three were a regrouping after 6 months, to be sure everyone knew what this ministry was about. Enjoy.

Helping Children with Learning Differences Dr. Swank, from Austin Texas, talks about her business — more than tutoring of children with dyslexia.

Escape from the Hell of Having a Messed Up Kid Recap of the aim of this ministry: helping others out of the hell of having a child with problems. Everyone thinks they are along.

What’s Up Discussion of the original mission of this broadcast

Testimony of “Miracles” from Innovative Education Great things from grandmother. When school doesn’t work — try something else! Ideas from everywhere, applied with faith, worked for us. The book about how to do it is : Learn at Home for Great Shalom, available at www.lulu.com.

Testimony of Miracle It really happened like this. That’s why they said, “Sharon, you must share this.” That is why this radio broadcast was born: to share. The book about what the Bible teaches about healing is : God Wants You Healed. Available at www.lulu.com.

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