Healing Music for Christmas

Playing special music when my child was upset was very helpful. Her learning disabilities caused her a lot of emotional upset. School was hard. It was hard on me — getting through to her, getting school work done, everything. I did find some subliminal music that worked. But I have some reservations about it. Since then, I found some music that is better. Wholetones.

I have raved about it before. I am going to tell you that beginning story about it again, because I want you to know how rooted in healing from Jesus and Biblical history that it is. Whether it is miraculous healing, or healing from the good t hings that God put in this earth at creation, I think you will want them for your child, and for yourself if you are a harried parent/worker, and for yourself if you are getting tired from the length of struggles in life. I find this music very soothing and healing myself.

My understanding is this music really helps the brain heal itself. The binaural music available is often new age, but this is not, this is truly Christian. And since it is instrumental, it makes an ideal gift for anyone. You know I work hard to bring you the best ideas for your children, with any special needs and especially “learning disabilities” — and the whole family. So I am going to give you links. Please check out what Wholetones has.

Here is a link to the original album
Wholetones Album on 7 CD’s + Book (PLUS Instant Digital Copy of Both Album + Book) – $99

There is also some Christmas music, always wonderful, but even better from Michael Tyrell and Barton Publishing that made the Wholetones.
Wholetones Christmas Album Vol. 1 (Digital Access)

And even some new Christmas music, infused with the 7 healing frequencies (key of David)

New Christmas music infused with 7 healing frequencies!

Please notice that there are lesser priced e-format only materials, and a line of health reports available too. May your whole family have a blessed Christmas.

1/7/2018: Check out this teaching for more on healing frequency:

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