Hanukkah : Tell Your Children!

Whether you are interested in “Hebraic Roots” or are just open to the diversity of your neighbors, it is a fine thing to know about Hanukkah. IN 2018, Hanukkah begins December the 2nd at dusk.
I’ll tell you a little bit about how Hanukkah showed up in my neighborhood and school when I was a little girl. (Spoiler: Christians and Jews had great relations in my city.) Then I will tell you about the history that Hanukkah comes from. It will inspire you. And give you some more ideas of holiday things to do with your children.

Then, next week, we will break from our holiday theme to talk about test anxiety. So many students are facing finals at this time of the year, so I will have a basket of ideas for parents, teachers, and youth on how to steer through the difficulties presented by test anxiety.

Until then, enjoy the holiday time of year. Hasn’t God dealt wondrously with us?

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