Godly early childhood education

Early childhood education is in the news. Unfortunately, the push is in the wrong direction. The way to higher academic achievement is to encourage the best emotional development, meaning to encourage very small children to be with the mothers. There is abundant and robust research (done almost entirely before such articles were electronically indexed) that shows children do better emotionally, physically, and academically if they do not go to a group program, but instead, stay with their mother. You wouldn’t know it, however, if you surf the discussion. People seem to have mis-remembered the study that did show that if you take the poorest child from the absolute worst environment and put him or her into the very very best daycare then yes, in that situation you can raise their IQ. But remember, that never happens. No one ever puts poor children into the very best daycare. And most children are not coming from desperate situations. The plain fact is that children do best when their devoted mother takes care of them. We all appreciate educators. We should also appreciate the love that only mothers have.

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