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Holiday Foods for Health and Smarts

Today, I am getting ready for Thanksgiving. Everyone here in the United States, especially if they are the cook for their family or friends is doing the same. So, today, I’m re-running my episode on great, basic, traditional foods that help health for body and brains.

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20 Brain Foods That Will Boost Your Focus & Productivity


Recently, I heard someone who seemed bright and even-handed talk about human parts that were used as food additives. Oh my God! Dear, Lord, save us! After the past 2 years, I tend to believe that this could happen.

While I do not know about that, I do know that most processed food has problems. Artificial dyes created hyper-activity or attention problems in 80% of the population. I know that the most common ingredients in face soap and shampoo creates skin problems for me, and is used in industry for widely different uses. Do you want the same chemical used for stripping off ship’s deck varnish for taking off your makeup?

But organic vegetables have a hard time to find any critics.


So, I commend to you the basic, traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas foods. Sweet potatoes are some of the most nutritious foods around. Wash, bake, and serve with free range butter. Nothing better! (Do not, do not, use canned potatoes, the poorest around, and then glop up with the worst sugary stuff around!)  Then, make some apple pies, with pie apples and fresh flour and butter. How about some greens with nut gravy? How about some salad with mandarin orange slices? How about some mixed nuts instead of my old favorite: Texas Trash. Notice where the recipe came from? The cereal companies. Read the ingredients there and forget it. Get some lightly salted mixed nuts.

Have fun. And while you are snacking, talk to your family, play games with them, and lay off too much screens. If you do screen, share the big one from far away.  Okay?

The first step in helping learning disabilities is to prevent them! Food has got to be part of the equation.


CDC Admits It Was Wrong on Covid Guidance

In face of mounting evidence of genocide and investigations by the World Court based on Nuremburg codes, the CDC walks back most of its “covid” guidance. For instance, the emphasis on asymptomatic testing, discrimination against unvaccinated, and social distancing. It is now admitted that the vaxxed do not have less chance of getting or spreading covid-19, since there is abundant evident to the reverse. It is further admitted that herd immunity can not be obtained thru these injections. It is now admitted that natural immunity is superior.

Scientists, even employed by the CDC, had given recent interviews admitting that much was known about the dangers of the injections before they were mandated.

“This is two years too late, but it’s a good step,” Bhattacharya added. (This from the Epoch Times article cited above, but also look in new media for interviews for Bhattacharya. )

Dr. Birx has admitted that it was known that the injections did not prevent infection or spread and that people should never have had to relinquish their jobs under threat.

Trump’s COV Coordinator Dr. Birx Admits to Lying & Manipulating Data

Five doctors, all under 50 years of age,  in Canada fell dead unexpectedly within the past two weeks. Canadian doctors are therefore now asking questions about the safety of the covid “vaccine.”  Somewhat late to the party!

Canadian doctor sounds alarm over 13 ‘sudden’ deaths among physicians since COVID jab rollout

By contrast, others who were politically maligned and attacked with lawfare, have been vindicated. For instance, a small school system that went back in session while most of the state continued in heavy lockdown, running afoul of the leftist state government, had zero cases of covid. Further, their number grew ten fold since that time.

Pastors who stood strong, keeping their churches open not only have been vindicated in court but have seen membership, monies, and reputation rise enormously.

The science, of course, has not changed. Much of the cant of the legacy media has not changed. Given the poor hunched down masked people  in central leftist cities….. apparently some of personal opinions have not change. What has? Many are dead.  More are dying.

An even greater number of children who might have been born some time in the future …. surely will not be.

Beloved businesses… are gone.  The number of hurt relationship is incalculable.

Why the change now?

On the other hand, why was their such submission to such tyranny all along?

It has begun: Criminal charges of violating Nuremberg Code filed against Fauci, Gates, CEO’s of Moderna and Pfizer, Klaus Schwab, et al

International Criminal Court Accepts Claim of Violating Nuremberg Code by Israeli Govt

Vaccine Safety

Today, posted on Twitter, was the claim that all the covid jabs were tested on animals and thus safe; that the stories that animal trials were halted was a conspiracy theory started on social media. Actually, the first time I heard that the animals trials were halted because too many animals were dying was from my MD, who had just the second before told me that he had really spent some time studying the mRNA. I think we all know they weren’t not safety tested; that is why the government cleared them, in face of what seemed a disastrous possible pandemic, as emergency use. If they had been safety tested, they would have been cleared as such.

Since then, we have seen a lot of humans die, both directly within 48 hours even if under-reported and many die from “other causes” — 40% according to the first reported actuaries.

I was flabberghasted at the bald face lie. I saw this only on Twitter; no where else.

But I did see this, on the same day:

Andrew Wakefield, world class researcher in internal medicine, decries the new attempt to put the covid antigens in with the combo MMR and chickenpox vaccine. Let him explain.

And please, no one put that he has been discredited. There were attempts; he was exonerated. BTW world-class means world class. He had papers co-authored with other illustrious researchers, published around the world, long before he risked himself to help parents who came to him with children having problems, autism, after being vaccinated. Yes, someone didn’t like his research after that.  Yes, and some people took to social media to say he hurt children. How does a researcher hurt children? I wondered if the gal I spoke to on Twitter back then was paid or just wildly stupid. Anyway, she didn’t have anything to say after I asked her that question.


Yes, and evidently, I am risking my podcast here and maybe other things to let you know. Use the sacrifice; don’t waste it.