We have been hacked

And it is not the first time.
It has come to my attention that someone is using our email address to try to sell you viagra etc. Of course, no on on my list would think I am selling that. Nor will it be beneficial to the hacker to use my list or email — except that since I am compliant with all spam regulations, maybe the email with get through and theirs would not. UUGGH.
So we are upgrading our security. Of course it was as high as we knew how to make it, but we learn every so often. And new software becomes available.
Don’t buy drugs from an email from me. Don’t pay attention to people calling about warrnanty expiration on a vehicle that never had a warranty. Don’t listen to someone saying your IRS account has been suspended. Forward all suspicious email activity, especially with a bitcoin or other account number to the FBI. Now, the FBI doesn’t have time to contact you back. But they can collect those account numbers and use them in their investigations.
I regret all this, but this is the world we live in.
May the evangelists do their work. May the educators do their work. May the world changers do their work. I am looking forward to the Kingdom of God manifest on the earth.

And programmers and web designers and the WordPress community has done some awesome work too! We have recently upgraded the security of our site, thanks to a freemium plug in. Thanks a million times to the plug-in people, the training people, and all the wonderful folks who just plain share. Thanks very much indeed.

November 6 the hackers are getting weird: everyday they are trying to sell me more viagra! HaHaHa. Okay. Apologies. I am working with the tech support folks. We’ve tried a new fix. Let’s see.

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