Asking what you need to hear in relation to Learning Disabilities

The Great Shalom started in 2008 as a word of faith broadcast with the aim of helping parents and educators believe for overcoming of learning disabilities. Clearly, we have not connected like we should have.
Please, please tell me what you want to hear (and who you are.)
My view of the problems
1) Radio had only listeners over 50, and I was reaching out to moms.
2) Word of Faith also may reach mostly those over 50.
3) WoF doesn’t like to talk about, even mention, problems. Therefore I did not use the words “learning disabilities” and therefore never go into the search engines correctly.
4) It may be more effective to speak directly about learning disabilities and let faith come into it only when I talk about my own mindset — rather than put the faith foot forward.
5) It may be that learning disabilities are now so ubiquitous, and academic standards are so far down, that there is not the feeling of panic and desperate need like there used to be when I was the mother.
6) It may be that parents who care about academic performance are turned off by the religious content or the low price.
7) People value what they pay for, and thus think there is no valuable content here — no matter that we have famous people and regional experts.
8) People that like the WoF or religious content don’t care about academic problems.

What do you say? (Include if you are a mother, grandmother, teacher or what.)

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