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Dr. Garry Gordon MD: Autism has a effective and inexpensive treatment

I have promised to relay what Dr. Garry Gordon, MD has said in his book Detox with Oral Chelation about autism. This I will do now.

Please note first, that the book does not mainly deal with problems of children, but rather, mainly with coronary difficulties. Nevertheless, this appears to me to be a reputable and pioneering researcher and clinician and I thought my readers would want to know. Before I type in some quotations tonight, let me also type in the “Warning – Disclaimer” published on the title page verso. It seems to be necessary in today’s world that anyone passing along what might be considered controversial or cutting edge or natural remedies, medicine, or health related information must be careful not to get into trouble. Here is the Warning — Disclaimer: Smart Publication has designed this book to provide information in regard to the subject mattered covered. It is sold with the understanding that the publish and the author are not liable for the misconception misuse of the information provided. Every effort has been to make this book as complete and as accurate as possible. The purpose of this book is to educate and entertain. The author and Smart Publications shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage caused, or alleged to have been sauced, directly or indirectly, by the information contained In this book. The Great Shalom also will make this same claim. No claim is made to being a doctor or giving medical advice by Sharon Sarles or by The Great Shalom. Nor do we offer any surety for Dr. Gordon; we know only what we have read in this book. Nor is there enough information herein to make reliable medical decisions from info posted in this blog. It is, however, within our mission to share ideas that might lead to better parenting practices, which certainly might include seeking out information relating to health and forming better questions to pose to your health and wellness professionals. Just as we have interview experts in the past, we will post interesting material on our blog. Comment is invited. It is the logic of blogging that educated conversation should tend to increase in knowledge. Yes?

Here is the quote. Dr. Garry Gordon M.D. De-Tox with Oral Chelation c2009 Appendix D P. 215

“I have review extensive documentation, from Doctor’s Data involving over 10,000 data points from our autism protocol research. The children on that program always saw substantial improvement, even after all prior attempts had failed completely (or even made the child worse), no matter the age. Whether the patient is 5 years old or 20, the potential for favorable response to the program does not diminish, although, admittedly, the protocol for autism requires more detail that I am covering in this article. That protocol requires great attention to all details, as covered on my DVDs and in the books on autism that I have co-authored (please see www.gordonresearch.com).

The program that I have helped teach, and have written about extensively, has convinced me that there are genetic issue involving methylation [216] lin all autism children. I find those same genetic issues also contribute to many other chronic, neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, ALS, etc. These mutations impair the body’s ability to excrete heavy metals and control vial infection. These set the stage for lowered immunity,which then permits the infection we all carry to take off. Effective methylation is essential for effective detoxification as well as for infection control throughout life. A total program is necessary, take a few years to gradually but continuously achieve success.

The autistic children studied generally have also been shown to have live virus. Some of their viral load seems to be the same as the virus injected with their MMR vaccinations. These vaccinations for a time were being given with thimerosal – (an oganomercurial; i.e., mercury). Of course no one is doing routine genetic testing yet on all newborns, so no one knew that these children were genetically “at risk.” The environmental degradation that pollutes our environment with increasing mercury simply sets the stage for more children to be unable to handle the stress of vaccines. Although since much of the thimerosal has now been removed from those vaccines, there seems to be some decrease in the overall incidence of autism. However, environmental toxicity just increases. For instance, we have the new coal-burning power plants in India and China that may fill that “Void” and bring mercury levels back up to that time when all vaccines contained mercury.

The vaccines clearly have often been reported by parents to be the straw that pushed the child over the brink. Soon after vaccines, these children change; they lose speech. Many different infections are complicated the diagnosis and treatment of heavy metal poisoning; there are numerous infections documented to hold heavy metals. Study this by learning that Coxackie infections can hold 70 times too much cadmium in the infected tissues. This is a vital point about detoxification requiring concurrent treatment of the pathogen load if we hope to get at the critical heavy metals that are impairing function such as loss of speech in a child. These infections fool doctors into believing there are no more heavy metals to treat, leaving patient treated incompletely.

It is shocking but true that often the toughest children we have treated would have previously shown only very little or no mercury excretion p. 217 after IV DMPOS, with the well-meaning doctors who treated them. Sometimes doctors gave up and mistakenly informed th parents that there was no mercury in their autistic child. They conclude erroneously that any heavy metal detoxification with chelation would not help. I hope this article helps get the right information out to everyone.

That information was totally wrong. The total detoxification program we developed always increased excretion of heavy metals, and when this begins, we see substantial clinical improvement follow. We only need to use gentle oral EDTA, malic acid/and/or garlic, MSM, lipoic acid, etc. (i.e., ODP) as our primary oral treatment, and over time, we almost invariably star to find mercury released, or tin or antimony or cadmium or aluminum or lead. These metal were not coming up with previous use of IV chelators because of genetics and infection problems. There is always increased excretion of toxic metals seen with the correct program, sometimes more in feces than in urine.”

Detox with Oral Chelation by David Jay Brown and Garry Gordon, M.D. Smart Publications P.O. Box 4667 Petaluma, CA 04055 www.smart-publications. C2009 ISBN 1-890572-20-9 LC 2008929521 Portion quoted was previously published in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, volume 287, June 2007, pages 112-120.

Dr. Gordon Mentions Toxicity Source

Birds in remote mountain areas of the United States have been found to have frighteningly high levels of mercury.  Researchers have proven that mercury and other heavy metals in these bird at high elevations are proven to be coming from coal-burning power plants from as far away as China.  In fact, radio istotpe analysis ofthe mercury proves we too are consuing mercury coming from the burning of coal in far off China. Chan and India are slated to bring online hundred of new coal burning power plants over the next few years.  There is a report that as little as one new coal burning plant in Texas seems to increase the incidence of autism there by 17%. These new plants will dump tons of mercury into the environment.

“This information makes me considerably less agressive about removing just one source of pollution.  I do not focus excessively on just one source of toxicity, whether it be vaccines or fillings or fish.  Our genetics, environment, and diet are the interplay that largley determines the outcome from our ongoing continuous heavy metal exposures, which are all cumulative” ( Brown & Gordon,  Detox with Oral Chelation c2009, p. 214f).

Editor’s comment: Please read this carefully and in context. Dr. Gordon has not said “all our toxicity problems come from China.” Rather, he says that among other sources, such as roadways next to gardens, such as pollution from industry here, we are also swamped with pollution from the far away places of the earth. Thus, he concludes that the solution is not a single campaign against a single culprit, but rather an ongoing de-toxification program for nearly everyone.

Notice also, that here appears to be a seasoned, pioneering researcher on heart problems, who has apparently, almost in an off-handed manner, has concluded a hot debate about vaccines and autism.  BTW, other research that I know about pointed in this very direction: not one cause, but interplay of genes and a swamp of pollution, with vaccines being only a very noticable player.”

Wouldn’t you like to know if he said anything else about autism?

Detox With Oral Chelation by David Jay Brown and Garry Gordon, M.D.

WOW! c 2009 ISBM 1-890572-20-9 Smart Publications P.O. Box 4667 Petaluma CA 94955 www.smartpublications.com
WOW! This appears to be interviews and a rather informal discussion by a world expert on toxicity. Head of clinics across the gobe, having treated a million(!) people, many years, and deeply involved in medical research. With extraordinarily helpful things to say, realistic, inexpensive and EFFECTIVE (according to what I’m reading) therapies for our biggest health problems. This is all really eye-popping.

Okay first. What are our big problems? Heart problems, cognitive decline, and autism — well roughly that is my guess.

What causes these things? Commonly we are told they are inevitable, but anyone who knows anything about the rapid change in prevalance knows that is a mistake. Could it be something in our environment? Like pollution/toxicity? What does research really tell us?

And of course, we now know what some of us suspected all along, that most of the expensive, painful treatments were not effective, that is helpful, that is working to keep people alive.

WOW there is so much here in this book. Yes, there are some footnotes. For licensed healthcare professionals, Dr. Gordon also makes available a website with what he says are tens of thousands of articles.

Folks, there are so many things to discuss. First, let me email a couple of doctor friends. Then I will come back and post some quotes. Then, let’s talk.