Detox With Oral Chelation by David Jay Brown and Garry Gordon, M.D.

WOW! c 2009 ISBM 1-890572-20-9 Smart Publications P.O. Box 4667 Petaluma CA 94955
WOW! This appears to be interviews and a rather informal discussion by a world expert on toxicity. Head of clinics across the gobe, having treated a million(!) people, many years, and deeply involved in medical research. With extraordinarily helpful things to say, realistic, inexpensive and EFFECTIVE (according to what I’m reading) therapies for our biggest health problems. This is all really eye-popping.

Okay first. What are our big problems? Heart problems, cognitive decline, and autism — well roughly that is my guess.

What causes these things? Commonly we are told they are inevitable, but anyone who knows anything about the rapid change in prevalance knows that is a mistake. Could it be something in our environment? Like pollution/toxicity? What does research really tell us?

And of course, we now know what some of us suspected all along, that most of the expensive, painful treatments were not effective, that is helpful, that is working to keep people alive.

WOW there is so much here in this book. Yes, there are some footnotes. For licensed healthcare professionals, Dr. Gordon also makes available a website with what he says are tens of thousands of articles.

Folks, there are so many things to discuss. First, let me email a couple of doctor friends. Then I will come back and post some quotes. Then, let’s talk.

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