Life to year and Years to Life – Dr. Garry Gordon

Here is a good quote to give you some orientation to what I am reading in his book Detox with Oral Chelation, c2009.

P. 211ff Once you understand that substaintially increasing your patient’s life span generally cannot be accomplished with any intervention that is followed for only a few weeks or even months, then you may decide to use some substances for many year. and when you do so, it would be prudent to have those substances already proven safe by years of documente use. There are nearly 50 years of reported experience around the substances I am discussing here like EDTA, garlic, malic acid, ascorbic acid, fiber, etc.

p. 212 We know that DMSA is normally found in the body; it too is quite safe when used appropriately.  Malic acid (apple acid) is amazingly useful for multipuropse detoxifying, almost working on aluminum as well as desferoxamine. This leaves us with many safe, synergistic, metal binding substances like garlic, vitamin C., and fiber, all of which I believe should be part of any long-term successful ODP. I am convinced such a program will add years to your lives and the life to those years.

I first worked with Dr. Lester Morrison over 20 years ago. We came out with earlier versions of the basic ODP program, based on his three textbooks and this two documented studiess showing a 91% reduction in fatal heart attacks in patients on his Institute Forumula. We later determined that EDTA dramaticaly enhanced the formula’s effects, so that the product could be taken in the three capsules of Essential Daily defnese we now use twice daily as part of the basic nine-tablet package of pills.  The EDTA permitted the desired effect to be achieved with a far lower does an still provide the deisred anti-clostting proteciton. I routinely encourge symptomatic patients to initially concurrenlty take 30 or more of the older three-hour IV chelation or the new painless calicium EDTA, the new short chelation sweeping the world today

I have also helped to develop EDTA-continaing gum…

p. 213 I never recommend any form of ODP for longer-term use without concurrently aggressive nturitional supplemntation.  As mentioned above, many people experince the effects of mercury exposure from dental amalgam fillings. Today’s level of environmntal toxicity also increase the need for most nutrients…

(Posting not intended as medical advice, but as stated, only as orientation to what this writer is saying. Dr. Gordan has long worked on de-toxification.  IV Chelation is standard practise for taking lead and mercury out of patients who have been in an industrial accident. Dr. Gordon apparently has pioneered it’s use for other uses, primarily reducing heart problems.  Apparently only more recently does he recommend an ongoing oral regimen, with IV only in certain cases.)

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