Dr. Gordon Mentions Toxicity Source

Birds in remote mountain areas of the United States have been found to have frighteningly high levels of mercury.  Researchers have proven that mercury and other heavy metals in these bird at high elevations are proven to be coming from coal-burning power plants from as far away as China.  In fact, radio istotpe analysis ofthe mercury proves we too are consuing mercury coming from the burning of coal in far off China. Chan and India are slated to bring online hundred of new coal burning power plants over the next few years.  There is a report that as little as one new coal burning plant in Texas seems to increase the incidence of autism there by 17%. These new plants will dump tons of mercury into the environment.

“This information makes me considerably less agressive about removing just one source of pollution.  I do not focus excessively on just one source of toxicity, whether it be vaccines or fillings or fish.  Our genetics, environment, and diet are the interplay that largley determines the outcome from our ongoing continuous heavy metal exposures, which are all cumulative” ( Brown & Gordon,  Detox with Oral Chelation c2009, p. 214f).

Editor’s comment: Please read this carefully and in context. Dr. Gordon has not said “all our toxicity problems come from China.” Rather, he says that among other sources, such as roadways next to gardens, such as pollution from industry here, we are also swamped with pollution from the far away places of the earth. Thus, he concludes that the solution is not a single campaign against a single culprit, but rather an ongoing de-toxification program for nearly everyone.

Notice also, that here appears to be a seasoned, pioneering researcher on heart problems, who has apparently, almost in an off-handed manner, has concluded a hot debate about vaccines and autism.  BTW, other research that I know about pointed in this very direction: not one cause, but interplay of genes and a swamp of pollution, with vaccines being only a very noticable player.”

Wouldn’t you like to know if he said anything else about autism?

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