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Picking a Private School

We are in the middle of a series of What to Do When the Road to Reading Gets Rocky. I felt we needed to take a break for Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday, so we will resume and finish the series of WRR in April, with an interview from Dr. Zuccone who represents Irlen in Texas and Jennifer Sangave who is with Lindamood-Bell in Austin. These are wonderful interviews and will give the home and professional educator alike many great ideas. If these services are what is needed for your child, then the benefit will be even greater.

Today, for Palm Sunday, when so often we enjoy our children marching down the aisle with palm branches, I thought I might reflect a bit on the task of picking a private school. Of course many families opt for home education and I do believe there are many wonderful reasons to do so, but other families rightly make a decision to opt for private education and may have many choices. So today we will talk about picking private schools.

Please stay with us through our celebration of The Resurrection and come back, with friends for our interviews in April.